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-14 Years of Training Experience

-I.S.S.A Certified Personal Trainer

-Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science

-Training with Elite Fitness Experts

-Sponsored by VPX Sports / Bang Energy


I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry and call many of them my friends.  Over the years I’ve acquired a countless amount of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness.  A lot of it has come from majoring in exercise science and minoring in nutrition in college.  Almost everything I teach is scientifically backed and proven.  I became so obsessed sculpting my body exactly how I wanted it to look, that its where all my focus was in college.  Just though thought of learning and then applying the knowledge upon myself to see if it actually worked is what keep me up late nights, and why I would wake up at 5 am to train.  The coolest part of everything is my ability to pass along the knowledge to you guys and let you know what truly worked and what was a waste of time.  I will tell you first hand that just because someone has certifications and degrees, it doesn’t mean a damn thing without the experience.  That’s also, coming from someone with all three.  Anyone can read books and memorize information, but putting yourself though the intense training and holding yourself accountable day-in and day-out is a whole other level.


Every since I was five years old, I’ve been addicted to and excelled in athletics. I was a 3 sport standout athlete all my life; football, baseball, & basketball.  It wasn’t until sixth grade (middle school football) when I began lifting weights.  Honestly, I hated lifting weights back then and all the way up until my junior year of high school.  On the positive side, I did learn a lot of the basic and fundamentals for exercising.  Finally, I became addicted to training my senior year of high school and found myself crushing workouts every day.


In college is when I really started to see results.  All the knowledge I was learning and applying to myself was incredible.  I found myself eager to learn for once.  The information was actually useful unlike so much of what we learn in middle and high school.  Health really is wealth.  I haven’t looked back since and continue to learn new things every day.


I’ve been scrawny, chubby, and shredded at different points in my life.  I’m telling you from experience, there is nothing better than having that defined sculpted body you’ve secretly always wanted.  The confidence, mental, and physical feeling it gives you is incredible.  For a long time in my life I was lost, depressed, and had low self-esteem.  Once you  make that decision to get fit, you’re life will change for the better.  Get Shredded X Stay Shredded!


Accomplishing my own goals is always an amazing feeling, but honestly there is no feeling more rewarding than helping someone else achieve their goals and dreams.  I use to think the body I’ve created was impossible to obtain naturally, but if you stay consistent with your training and nutrition, eventually you will get there.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!


“If It Doesn’t Challenge You, Then It Won’t Change You.”