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After you complete your program, email me your transformation photos for a chance to be featured on my website and social medias. I understand most people aren’t comfortable with their “before” photos, which is why so many have chosen for me to not post their transformations anywhere.  Just remember that your transformation could be the spark someone else needs to change their life for the better. Either way, you should be proud of the person you’ve become and make a promise to never let yourself go back to where you were!


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Phil Alexander – 12 Weeks To Shredded


Stephanie – 60 Day Transformation


Kadeem – 30 Day Transformation


Savannah Casper – 30 Day Transformation


Kristopher B. – 12 Weeks To Shredded


Carlie S. – 12 Weeks To Shredded


Zach Stehlar – 6 Month Transformation


@_Josh_Hollingworth – 60 Day Transformation


Brian Ruff – 12 Weeks To Shredded


Taylor – 30 Day Transformation


Gabriel Galindo – 30 Day Transformation


Leaf Adams – 12 Weeks To Shredded


Corey Green – 30 Day Transformation


Me – 34 Days Post Hernia Surgery


IG: @CoryDStewart – 30 Day Transformation


Benjamin Kibler – 30 Day Transformation

Tatyanna – 30 Day Transformation


Corey Green – 30 Day Transformation


Stephanie – 60 Day Transformation


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